Select Lab Partners has been a game changer for our small and ever growing company. Financially it has helped us grow so that we may offer a wider variety of services. Our client’s also rely on this service therapeutically, as a Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) treatment facility the services we are able to offer because of Select has changed the lives of many clients. Our particular facility tests more effectively as a therapeutic approach and clients have expressed how this helps aid their recovery because they know they are accountable to test.

Kristen SwordsDirector of Human Resources at SOLACE in Portsmouth, Ohio.

PMO Care provides MAT services in the greater Seattle metro area and uses toxicology as a integral part of treatment. Through the support and collaboration with SLP we were able to bring this testing in-house and capture the revenue that was lost to outside toxicology labs. This has been a substantial positive change to our business and to patient care. SLP has provided the professional support and detail knowledge around the lab services and compliance which were the stumbling blocks we were not able to overcome in a cost effective way. This partnership with SLP has allowed us to focus on what we know and bring additional revenue into the business without distraction from our mission.

MartyPMO Care Bellevue, WA